Behind-the-Scene: PROJECTISR's Two Core Concepts.

| Sep. 14. 2020

| Co-founder of PROJECTISR - Arnold Wang.


"Streetwear Deserves Better Quality" and "Clothing Is A Form of Usable Art" are two core concepts of PROJECTISR. In this video, our co-founder Arnold Wang will dive deeper into the meaning of them and share more of our behind-the-scene thoughts with you.

This is our first attempt to open a new form of communication channel. During the process of building, we learned a lot more than just fashion and trends. We learned about manufacturing, fabrication, different perspective from different people in the industry, and also entrepreneurship in the fashion business. We found these experiences and information to be valuable and want to share them with you!

We will be publishing content like this on a regular basis from now on. Hope you will enjoy them!


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