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Video Chat Briefings: 

(All content below are just Jack's brainstormed content, grammar hasn't been check yet haha. I just wrote my imagination down for discussion. So everything could be changed. Open to any suggestion).


I thought about this video again and I thought since we are announcing a project in this video. There should not be too much unrelated info. So an introduction of both of us should provide enough info and fill up enough time.


Introduction by Johny about who Arnold& PROJECTISR is.

  • An Asian designer focused apparel platform which has a strong focus on clothing quality and art level. (我想说服装质量和艺术水准).
  • We've been friends for a long time. We've actually both graduated from Bentley. They actually helped produced all previous HAIKI merch and FU DOG merch that are coming. And we are here to annouce a upcoming project we are doing.

Introduction by Arnold about who Johny is.

  • Just like Johny said we've been friends for a long time. To people who doesn't know HAIKI used to be a very successful model, and then he started his music career and he soon become one of the hottest DJ in the best club in town when we were back in college. And now he somehow become a beloved painter. He seems to just can thrive under any art form he selects.

Johnny: why don't you introduce a bit more about PROJECTISR.

  • introduce PROJECTISR
  • A: Asian designer streetwear, is so full of talents that haven't been seen by the world. We are here to serve as a window.
  • There are two core ideas which serves as the foundation of this initiative. "streetwear deserves better quality" and "clothing is a form of usable art". We realized that quality aspect of streetwears are seemingly being put behind all the other things. But it is obviously one of the most important thing of a piece of garment. So we say streetwear deserves better quality and put our specific quality standard on our about us page for everybody to supervise. At the same time, we think clothing is a form usable art. It's way beyond functionality, we use garments to express ideas, to identify who we are. These are what art normally does. So we think garments are just canvas for the art, and essentially for the idea behind the art.


Introduce the upcoming art&HAIKI's pick project.

So here's our upcoming project. Johny will be choosing 5 pieces from our entire collection and create art on these canvas. And they will go on sale on PROJECTISR.com when they are finished.


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