PROJECTISR is a platform, a laboratory, a window, a retailer of premium independent designer apparels. We select and provide the products we adore, love and believe to have the best quality.

Growing up, we have been enthusiastic about fashion and clothing, especially streetwear. However, going through all these years, loving the vibe that these streetwear brands created, one thing we were annoyed with is the quality. Let’s be fair, they aren't that great and people are paying high resale prices for fabrics that did not even last beyond several washes. While we love these brands because of their fabulous design, we also believe that quality and design are equally important factors. That's why we started PROJECTISR and we openly disclose our product selection standard with all our customers. 

These product below are some of our bests and favorites, we believe they have the potential and deserves to be seen and loved by more than just you and us!


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