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/ ˈprɒdʒekt ai-ɛs-ɑr /

- The PROJECTISR Pursuit - Streetwear Deserves Better Quality:

Growing up, we have been enthusiastic about fashion, especially streetwear. We were the very kids who sat in front of the computers every Thursday and Friday, waiting for Supreme and Palace to drop. However, going through all these years, loving the vibe that these brands created, one thing we were really annoyed with is their quality. Let’s be fair, they aren't that good. While we love these brands because of their design and the vibe, we also believe that quality and design are equally important. We shouldn’t sacrifice one for the other. We deserve both. That’s why we created PROJECTISR and the 47-point-standard criteria to select the best of the best streetwear from the hundreds we consider every week. That’s why our slogan is #streetweardeservesbetterquality

- The PROJECTISR Ideology - Clothing Is A Form Of Usable Art:

Today, what you wear speaks to who you are. Clothing has become a medium in which people express themselves. And it’s exactly what art does, too. At PROJECTISR, we don't sell clothings. In our view, we are always selling art.



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