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PROJECTISR is a platform, a laboratory, a window, a retailer of premium independent designer apparel. We select and provide the products we adore, love, and believe to have the best quality. Many of our designs are inspired by ancient Chinese & Asian cultures.

One Product Standard 

The ultimate goal and guiding principle of our quality standard are "to enable our customers to shop with their eyes closed," and to have ZERO concern when shopping in our store. 

Our designer team examines the entire clothing selection piece by piece and into the very details. We have 47 criteria in place to ensure only the best of the best gets listed on our website. We want to openly share these details with you. Below is a shortened version of our standards:


  1. Knockoffs and fakes are strictly prohibited. We do not allow counterfeits or designs that are not original to be listed on our site.  
  2. We try our best to prevent elements that symbolize sexism, racism, or other extreme beliefs. Jokes are fine, occasionally. 
  3. The design is approved by at least 2 of our designers. 
  4. Designs that accommodate text must not contain spelling mistake (except designed on purpose) 
  5. The design is consistent with the theme of the overall store – streetwear.
  6. If the garment represents a certain idea/scenario from the designer, this component will also be considered and will be listed in the product description.
  7. The design, pattern, and fabric used should align. 


  1. When industry preferences conflict with consumer experience, we prioritize consumer experience. (For example, fabrics that have higher SPI (Stitch Per Inch) or GSM (Grams Per Square Meter) represent higher quality in the industry but may not translate directly into comfort for the consumer. 
  2. Harmful substances are strictly prohibited.
  3. Fabrics selected should be comfortable with bare skin.
  4. Linen is currently excluded from our clothing selection. 
  5. All metal parts used must be anti-oxidized or non-rusting, including zippers, buttons, buckles, etc.
  6. Zipper, button, and buckle parts may not have any visual defects such as sharp, burred edges.
  7. Fabrics with higher elongation rates and elasticity are preferred because they generally provide more comfort.
  8. Wrinkle-free fabrics are preferred.
  9. Products that utilize eco-friendly materials are preferred.
  10. The colorfastness must be preserved without major change during the first three washes. 
  11. All printed fabrics need to be evenly and firmly coated with no residue on the surface. All coating should remain whole after the first three washes. 
  12. Pre-washed fabrics are preferred because they ensure that the ready-to-wears will not shrink massively after the first wash. (Dry clean required product and knitwear are excluded)
  13. Reused stuffing is strictly prohibited in any of our listed products. 

Construction/Production Quality 

  1. Seams and stitches must be done cleanly with consistency. 
  2. There shall be no skipping stitches, loose seams, or frequent opening of the threads in any stitching (including overlock). 
  3. No broken thread is allowed. 
  4. All embroidered patterns should be smooth. All backing paper or lining must be removed.
  5. The “factory smell” is limited to none or within 10 inches and will be reduced to almost zero after several washes. (PVC products are the only exception as the nature of the material makes it harder to remove directly off the factory line). 
  6. No more than 3 loose or hanging threads can be found on a product. 
  7. All products should be free of stains such as grease stains, pen stains, rust stains, color stains, watermarks, etc. 
  8. The surface of the leather fabric must not have pits, holes and, scratches that affect the appearance or functionality. 
  9. The size of the finished garment must be consistent with the designed specifications with a maximum tolerance range of 1.5 centimeters (roughly 0.6 inches). 
  10. All clothing products should be ironed flat. 
  11. The iron temperature should be kept between 180℃~200℃ to protect the fabric from dead pleats or burnt marks.
  12. The type and color of the threads used should be consistent with the color and texture of the fabric. (Except for special designing requirements.) 
  13. Frayed, fuzzy, ragged, or serrated edges are not allowed (except for special designing requirements.)
  14. Puckering seams at all joints are not allowed. (except for special designing requirements.)
  15. Misaligned closures are not accepted.
  16. For collared garments, all collars must be done smoothly. The collar and the lapels may not join together. (Except for special designing requirements.) 
  17. Plaids must match at the seam. (Except for special designing requirements.) 
  18. Buttonholes must keep the same opening size. (Except for special designing requirements.)
  19. Shading variance between different parts of the same piece cannot be distinct.
  20. All products must be properly packaged. Un-packaged products will not be listed. 
  21. Product materials must be listed in the product description with no exceptions.


  1. All washable clothing products must not shrink over 5% of their original size after the first wash. 
  2. All garments must pass stretch test – testing straps or elastic bands to examine if they stand up to extensive pulling or stretching.
  3. All garments must pass pull test - zippers or buttons are pulled for 10 seconds with a gauge to assess reliability.
  4. All garments must pass the fatigue test – an accessory is used repeatedly to determine if it stands up to normal usage. For example, a button may be snapped or a zipper may be pulled 50 times or more.
  5. All clothing should have PROJECTISR tag attached.
  6. All clothing will be sampled prior to entering our warehouse.


    If you ever spot a product that does not meet our standards, please contact us immediately at support@projectisr.com! We will launch an investigation of that specific product. Should the product deemed to be inconsistent with our standards, we will remove the product from our site and your purchase will be refunded. 


    Why Independent Designers?

    The authority of fashion and design (including fabric, tailoring, pattern, etc) should no longer be monopolized by the big brands. This was not the case before individuals had access to easily create and produce their own clothing. 

    Today, anyone can create and define the fashion in his/her view - so long as he/she is willing to produce as little as 100 pieces or more. However, that also results in a market over-flooded with poorly made clothing. Therefore, we decided to empower designers who own exceptional design and upholds the strictest fabric standards.


    Why are we keep saying #streetweardeservesquality (Streetwear Deserves Quality)?

    Growing up, we have been enthusiastic about fashion and clothing, especially streetwear. We were the very kids who sit in front of the computers every Thursday and Friday, waiting for Supreme and Palace to drop. However, going through all these years, loving the vibe that these streetwear brands created, one thing we were annoyed with is their quality. Let’s be fair, they aren't that great and people are paying high resale prices for it. While we love these brands because of their great products, we also believe that quality and design are equally important factors. We believe that you should not sacrifice quality for design, because you deserve both of them. That’s why we are here.  That’s why our slogan is #streetweardeservesquality (Streetwear Deserves Quality).



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