Fabric Symphony


PROJECTISR has always emphasized the importance of product quality, because we believe that good fabrics will directly bring people a sense of pleasure. This is why we set our slogan as "Streetwear Deserves Better Quality".

We will screen the quality of each product we list, and make the rules for this screening process completely public.(Please go to https://projectisr.com/pages/about-us to check this out)

We are aware that when shopping for clothes, the most attention must be paid to the design of the garments. The quality comes after that but definitely is a hard thing to judge online. Because of that, what we do is we do the selection part of quality, so that you can purely focus on the design. As long as you shop at PROJECTISR, you only need to pay attention to the design.

Under this concept, we made this short video. Matched it with a symphony. And the fabrics in the video are all real shots from the products we sell. Hope you enjoy it!

p.s. of course, that eye is not something you can find in store.


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