Interview: Building A Streetwear Brand

| Sep. 21. 2020 | Ayu - Manager & Designer of UNDERWATER  An interview with UNDERWATER's chief designer and manager Ayu at their headquarters in Hangzhou, China (where Alibaba's headquarter is located too). We had a very in-depth discussion which ranges from the concept behind the brand to his personal feelings as a fashion designer. This interview will provide you a perspective to some of the behind-the-scenes about an independent fashion designer. Click Here to see the entire collection from UNDERWATER® UNDERWATER® is exclusively available on for North America

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Behind-the-Scene: PROJECTISR's Two Core Concepts.

| Sep. 14. 2020 | Co-founder of PROJECTISR - Arnold Wang.   "Streetwear Deserves Better Quality" and "Clothing Is A Form of Usable Art" are two core concepts of PROJECTISR. In this video, our co-founder Arnold Wang will dive deeper into the meaning of them and share more of our behind-the-scene thoughts with you. This is our first attempt to open a new form of communication channel. During the process of building, we learned a lot more than just fashion and trends. We learned about manufacturing, fabrication, different perspective from different people in the industry, and also entrepreneurship in...

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